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With over 10 years of Experience helping Clients, call Mary T. Campbell Law Office for your legal resource!

If you are in need of a name change, consumer rights issue,a family law matter, purchase or refinance your home, or in need of a guardian ad litem, we are:


At the law office of Mary T. Campbell, P.A., we listen carefully to you, our client. Mary takes the time to understand the details of your circumstances. We recognize the life-changing nature of the challenges you may be facing when you come to us. The Mary T. Campbell Law Office develops personalized solutions that help our clients achieve their goals while working to minimize the negative impact on their lives.

Every case is different. Whether your case seems simple or complex, Mary T. Campbell Law Office works with you to develop and implement a workable strategy to resolve it,


We believe that your involvement is critical. When you contact the Mary T. Campbell Office, we promise that you will receive personal attention and guidance you need to make the right decisions concerning your case. You will meet with the attorney to discuss your matter who will work closely with you.

Once you retain our services, we promise to work closely with you. If you contact us and ask to speak with the attorney, Mary will return your call in a reasonable amount of time.

Mary T Campbell, Attorney, Aiken County Mary T. Campbell

Practice Areas

  • Family Law
  • Guardian ad Litem
  • Real Estate
  • Name Change
  • Consumer rights

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